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Liz Duncan-Gilmour, Esq.
Executive Director and Counsel
Minority Business Development Institute

Liz Duncan-Gilmour

Liz Duncan-Gilmour began her career as an insurance underwriter of financial and professional products at industry leader AIG in 1987. She gained extensive financial and organizational analysis skills underwriting all classes of commercial and financial accounts for fidelity bonding. She later moved to AON Group, a large multinational insurance brokerage firm, where she acted as Vice President of Financial Services, expanding her role to include directors and officers and management liability, building and managing a book of business totally over $1.5 million in commission. Liz consulted clients on investor and employee relations, and worked with senior management to organize and position annual presentations to underwriters. Analyzing financial, managerial and organizational structures of clients ranging from high tech start-ups and IPOs to Fortune 100 corporations, Liz provided technical expertise on a national level to complex and large accounts. She consulted clients on all aspects of risk management, including alternative financing mechanisms, implementation of internal controls and development of investor and employment policies. She worked extensively with claims management, guiding clients through the crime and management liability claims process.

In 1997, Liz left Aon to attend Boston College Law School where she graduated magna cum laude, focusing on corporate responsibility, civil rights, labor and employment law. Liz's legal career commenced in the litigation and civil rights division of a large national law firm. She later practiced employment based immigration law, and represented children in custody, abuse, neglect and juvenile delinquency proceedings.

In December 2010, Liz joined David Cayemitte, with whom she initially trained at AIG, at The Cayemitte Group to help manage the DASNY Bond Program and launch Minority Business Development Institute (MBDI). MBDI helps train CEO's to build their businesses and break through the race and gender barrier intrinsic to government procurement. As Executive Director and Counsel, Liz facilitated the assembly of the initial Board of Directors and development of the overall vision for the Institute. She strategically positions MBDI with partner organizations, including the Surety and Fidelity Association of America (SFAA) and various government agencies, and presents MBDI's vision to potential clients and donors. Liz drafts guiding corporate documents, contracts, and business plans, reviews contracts, crafts grant applications, organizational overviews and responses to Requests for Proposals. By integrating legal and financial training with her desire to redress inequities in our society, Liz helps MWBE contractors build generational wealth and bring good paying jobs home to their communities.