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Welcome to MBDI's CEO Corner!

It is with great enthusiasm that MBDI, in partnership with the Surety & Fidelity Association of America (The SFAA) link, welcomes you to our latest dynamic website feature, The CEO Corner.

The CEO Corner features short video clips of Surety company CEOs and other executives commenting, in their own words, on the importance of a particular element in securing surety bonding. The CEO corner will showcase the surety world's leadership in providing bonding guidance and services, while sharing their breadth of knowledge and expertise. This exciting medium will serve as just another tool and resource in assisting you to achieve bond-ability. In addition, it will underscore the value of SFAA's partnership with MBDI in providing bonding education outreach and programming to all firms who aspire to achieve this next level of opportunity.

Like MBDI and The SFAA, these CEOs and the companies they represent, genuinely care about your success, and want to be a partner in your long-term sustainable growth. These brief mini-lectures on selected topics will help you achieve just that!

Please be sure to watch the quick introductory video by SFAA President Lynn Schubert as she warmly welcomes you into this unprecedented collaboration of partners.

Lynn M. Schubert, President
Surety & Fidelity Association of America (SFAA)


David R. Cayemitte, CEO, MBDI
Lynn M. Schubert, President, SFAA
The MBDI and SFAA Partnership Working for You


Ross Fisher
Vice President and General Manager
Hartford Bond
The Surety Bond Submission Process


Michael Bond
Head of Surety
Zurich North America
The Importance of Properly Prepared CPA Financial Statements


Rick Ciullo, Chief Operating Officer
Chubb Surety
The Importance of a Strong Work-in-Progress (WIP) Schedule