Bond Readiness Programs


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Classroom Instruction


Classroom instruction is taught by subject-matter experts and covers a wide range of topics designed to strengthen each firm's operating infrastructure, management and bonding readiness. Classes have a strong emphasis on achieving financial literacy and operational stability and include such topics as construction accounting, legal issues, strategic planning and operations, and QuickBooks training. Courses are offered over a period of 8 months on a bi-weekly basis. This assures that the amount of information presented in each session is manageable (no information overload) and that enough time is allowed between sessions to assimilate information into the business. We provide multiple sessions on the more complex topics to assure that a meaningful level of detail is presented and that participants have ample time to ask questions. MBDI requires that participant firms' owners and CEOs attend all sessions in-person. We also offer "self-paced" learning. Each session is recorded live and stored in a video library. This allows CEOs to revisit sessions at their leisure. Key staff, moreover, may participate in sessions remotely, allowing maximum attendance regardless of physical constraints.